Cameron makes changes

I welcome the changes and will wait and see how they progress.

Over the few years of this government there have been things I agree with and some that I do not. I do believe that it is impossible for any government actions to be agreeable to all, even the supporters of that governments political party.

Those of you who wish to see a change of government, should first view the alternatives. Although we have many political parties the way in which the voting structure is at the moment will mean there is only a choice of 2 parties Labour or Conservative. We have all seen the mess the last Labour Government left the country in. The Liberal Democrats do not have the power base to form a government on their own. That is why they wish to have voting on a PR basis, which in effect would mean, in most cases, a coalition government. This is what we have at the moment, yet people are not happy and wish change. None of the other parties would be able to form a government on their own.

This means the only alternative which has not been tried in the last few years is a fully Conservative Government.

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