Bigots to say or not to say

Nick Clegg say bigots or not

So far as I am aware Nick Clegg did not say bigots and if his office is to be believed, the speech issue was a draft, which should not have been issued.

While I am not a Clegg supporter, even though I was born and live in Sheffield, I do feel it is not right for someone to be criticised for something they did not say.

I am also a Christian, but do not believe the Church is always right, , in fact many times it is wrong. I believe all persons should be free to conduct their lives as they wish, provided they in doing so respect the Laws and Social culture of the country in which they reside.

The Church needs to move with the times and be more, dare I say it, liberal with its beliefs.

Too many conflicts have been caused over the years in the name of religion.

If we do follow the Christian teachings, why are Christians involved in so many conflicts, when after all Christians do preach the love of their fellow man. Strange how it comes back to the article.

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