New Exams for UK students

New UK exams

I welcome the new exam systems and I feel it should have been implemented immediately.  Why do schools need time to get ready for the new exams.  I assume there will be no changes to the ciriculam.  The fault lies with the schools, as for years they have been teaching only the parts of the ciriculam they feel will appear in the exams.  Exams are only one part of schooling, all be it a major part, also included is making the pupils ready to continue their life outside school, which will be for the main part of their life.

For examinations to be worth while they need to have the support of the business community.  This will only occur if the business leaders feel the pupils achieving success in these exams are educated to a level which is needed to succeed in business.

Nick Clegg and the whole Lib Dems need to acquire some back bones. Like it or not they are part of the current government and should therefoe be doing all they can to help govern the country and not still be playing party politics.  They are all for PR elections, which would enevertibly create coalation governments.  They have already got what they wanted.

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