School gave Ipads to pupils, now half broken

School provides Ipads, half now broken

It is the modern day outlook, I want it, it is my right, if it breaks someone will provide another. Years ago this was not the case and most people, even children respected and looked after items that were given to them. This I am afraid is the result of the throw away ideals and fast food etc. culture.

Respect for fellow mankind is few and far between. Some will say lets go back to Victorian values, but when you look back, you only see the good points and never the bad. There will always be good and bad in every era.

To pay some offering to insurance, just makes this worse. It implies, treat the item how you wish, it does not matter as the insurance will cover it. Insurance is there to provide cover should a risk occur, but the owners should do all they can to ensure the risk does not occur.

It is the care not attitude of today’s Society, which is evident in all areas, from, social, leisure, employment and law and order.

This is not only evident in the UK, but in most of the developed world. I know I am generalising, but study your own backyard and see if this is true.

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