Immigration, can our towns cope?

Coping with immigration

Come 2014 the current immigration restrictions applying to the people from Bulgaria and Romania who wish to emigrate to other EU countries, will be removed. It is assumed many of these people will be requiring work in farming and agriculture and may decide to come to the UK, due to our extensive range of benefits. This ranges from free health and education to benefit subsidies for housing and every day living. With their assumed background of farming and agriculture, they will most likely move to areas were this type of work is to be found, which will be mainly small towns and villages. Due to the small populations of these areas, a sudden influx of non-UK people would have serious effects on the services of these areas.

This will be in addition to the numbers of people from similar EU countries, where large numbers have already come to the UK. One such area is Boston, which has already felt the strain the number of persons coming to the UK through EU immigration have placed on the services in Boston. But certain academicspoliticians and some business leaders think otherwise and feel the various services can still cope.

All these people who say large scale immigration is good for the UK and that our services are coping, should have the immigrants housed nearby to them. Also, if they have spare capacity in their own accommodation, they should be told to house some immigrants in their spare rooms. You would be surprised, how their attitudes would change. This is not racial, just a matter of economics. If services are not coping now, a further influx is bound to increase the degree of coping, making the situation worse for all concerned.

Due to the current financial situation in the UK, virtually all areas,which are financed by public monies are being told to find savings, which in many cases is leading to front line services being reduced or in some cases withdrawn. To place a further burden on these services in 2014, will be creating an impossible situation to manage for the benefit of the whole community.

Why do people of supposed intellect, feel they are more qualified to discuss matters than anyone else. They have obtained qualifications in their field of study and therefore feel they are more qualified than other people.

But people confuse obtaining qualifications with the ability to understand life and have intelligent thought. Qualifications are only a tool to obtain reasonable employment, they do not provide for the skills of life and applying intelligence to everyday living.

To some obtaining qualifications, only increases their degree of arrogance to their fellow beings. Whether this is intentional or not, only they themselves can comment.

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