Blame, who will accept resonsibility?

Who is to Blame?

A Guide to Cuts in the UK

The problem here is that all the powers that be, are treating the current situation as a game. No one in Government, Local Authorities or the NHS is prepared to take responsibility for their own actions and those of their predecessors. The PM and his Ministers are saying we are all in it together, but are we or more so, are they.

With their large salaries and even larger pensions to look forward to, if the have to tighten their belts a little, they will still have plenty to live off. But what about all the people who are just sustaining a living, if they tighten their belts, then they are below sustainance level. Here I am not talking about people who can work but do not. I am referring to a large percentage of pensioners, who due to age, infirmity etc are reliant on their pension, which is just providing a reasonable living. Also many disabled persons, who have physical disabilities meaning they can not work and then there are learning disabilities, whose understanding is limited in that they have little or no understanding of events happening around them and are solely reliant on others for their existence.

There are many disabled persons in this situation, who are unseen by the public at large. They are not claiming benefits because they want to, but out of necessity. We all see a minority of people with disabilities, like the intelectuals, such as Stephen Hawking or the Para-Olympians, who all go through extreme situations to attain these levels and I applaud them. But there is a large majority of people with disabilities, who will never, through no fault of their own, be able to get anywhere near to attaining these levels. Or, in most cases will not be able to start. Some are existing on state benefits and others are cared for by family members 24/7. These family members do it for the love of their relation, without any financial reward and in most cases, without any recognition from the population surrounding them and from any of the state bodies.

But we are all in it together. If you believe in this, then I feel sorry for you, as you have fallen for the propaganda, from the government bodies and the media.

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