EU Green policies Good or Bad

EU Directive – Ban on high-energy vacuum cleaners

An EU directive, however, these high-powered devices are using a fair amount of electricity, but are only doing so for a small amount of time. This is opposed to other devices that do not use so much electricity, but are doing so for a considerable longer period of time.

But is this argument on power usage correct for the best use of vacuum cleaners. Dyson would appear not to agree, but still feels the UK should come out of the EU on this EU legislation.

James Dyson suggests leaving EU over vacuum cleaners From the article ‘Dyson wanted the vacuum cleaners to be tested with dust in them. He also wanted the energy consumption, waste, landfill and cost of vacuum cleaner bags and filters to be included in the energy rating.’ In fact, he also said ‘The company’s latest machine – a robotic vacuum cleaner which navigates using a 360-degree vision system and can be programmed using an iPhone or Android smartphone – uses just 200 watts’. So you would think he would be in favour of this EU legislation, if only to make a case for his latest machine. Also he stated  “When the ErP (Energy related Products) legislation was first mooted, we were campaigning for lower limits – in fact we wanted a 700 watt limit,”.

But Dyson also states ‘If German companies go on dominating European legislation, that’s a very good reason not to be in Europe. If they’re not going to listen to us, we shouldn’t be in there.’

Is this a valid reason to leave the EU?


The EU go on to say they are from next spring looking at other high-powered devices, would this include cars. The high-end range of cars have very large engines and burn exceedingly large amounts of fuel, but will the EU look there. Perhaps we should all be limited to 1000cc engines, I bet the car industry would have something to say.

Is this yet again the very massive ‘nanny state’ of the EU?

So is the EU green policy good or bad?

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