Are we all the same?

Typing to Communicate & Busy Work

This is a posting from the blog of Emma’s Hope Book and clearly states the problems that can occur for some persons during their lifetime, especially those persons with Autism. While the post reflects on what could have occurred on a certain day in school, similar could be said about many aspects of life. Some people judge by their own outlook of life, either through ignorance of any other lives or by design.

children in school
children in school

School is like this for many as the system is designed for all to be equal, in that each person should progress as one and in line with the perceived standard. But we are all individuals and no one person can progress as others, but in many respects the system makes no allowance for this. Then, when one is shown not to follow the standard path, others can see this as a reason to make fun of the situation.  When the reason for not being able follow the standard path is down to a persons own abilities, it can have ever lasting  consequences for the person involved.

More thought needs to be given by those applying the system to how the tasks being given out can be achieved by all the participants and not just how the systems perceives that they will.

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