New laws for more open and safe care in the NHS

New laws for more open and safe care from Department of Health

An extract ‘Two new important laws to help improve patient safety, transparency, and leadership in the NHS come into force today.

The first is the statutory Duty of Candour, which places a legal duty on hospital, community and mental health trusts to inform and apologise to patients if there has been a mistake in their care which has led to significant harm.  ……’

‘……..The second new law relates to ensuring strong and safe leadership in healthcare organisations. Under the new regulations, all NHS board members will be required to undergo a Fit and Proper Person’s Test before they are appointed.  ……’

For more information follow Fit and proper persons requirement and the duty of candour for NHS bodies*

It would appear that this is welcome news, which may be long over due, but will it make a difference. Only time will tell, for, no matter how much legislation is created, if the organisations do not abide by it, then will there be any difference. Will the monitoring by CQC (Care Quality Commission) be sufficient? Are the new laws robust enough? For as stated in the Duty of Candour ‘.. a mistake in their care which has led to significant harm.’ why not all mistakes, whether there is harm or not?

We do need to trust the NHS, which currently we may do or not. But if we did not have the NHS we would all be far worse for it not being there.


Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v2.0.

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