The final judgement for the ILF

Disabled men lose high court bid to stop Independent Living Fund closure

This was the last chance to save the ILF* and now it as gone, so now it will be no more after 30 June 2015, so will the respective local authorities now come to a decision on how they will take over the responsibility on 1 July 2015.

However on the past record of these authorities do we have any trust in them, for with the austerity cuts the monies for care and support for those persons in need are reducing. Have any authorities come to a decision, I know for a fact that my own in Sheffield have not.

The persons currently receiving ILF funding for their care and support are now in a position of not knowing how this required care and support will continue to be funded, if at all from 1 July 2015. I also know that the processes that need to be enacted by the local authorities take time and I honestly believe that if decisions and practices have not already been decided upon none of these authorities will be ready by 1 July 2015.

Care and support can not be stopped and then recommenced in the future, because what is going to happen to the persons concerned, as they need the care and support for their own survival.

Over the last years we have seen many care scandals emerge, Winterborne*being only one, will this be the next.

Without the care and support, safeguarding concerns will arise, if they are not already with the cuts already being in process.

What will happen to those who can not live without the care and support, is pain and suffering with death the ultimate result the way of the future. Will the current Government and also the local authorities really allow this to occur?

Will this be the scandal to out do all scandals?


Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

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