The life of an #Autism parent

The life of an #autism parent from the blog of Lost and Tired

An extract ‘Anyone that has experience raising a child with Autism, knows that this answer is anything but nice, neat or fluffy.  It certainly wouldn’t easily fit into a one or two word wrapper either.

It’s really tough to help someone understand what it’s like to be an Autism parent.

I bet each one of us has tried to explain to someone, at some point, just what it’s like to be an Autism parent.  I would also bet that many of us were not met success because it’s not easy to help someone understand something this complex and confusing.

With that in mind, I’ll share my thoughts on what it’s like to be an Autism parent for me.  …………….’

This is all true and it is hard to comprehend if you do not live it yourself. You are there 24/7 for your child throughout your life time or theirs, which ever is sooner. Yes it is stressful, a challenge and many others, but the rewards or positives out do the negatives for no matter how small others will see a positive outcome, it is always a major achievement and a rewarding experience for both the parent and their child.

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