The Positive Traits of Autism

The Traits of Autism – Part 2 – Hardworking from Autism Daily Newscast by Paddy -Joe Moran

An Extract from

From article 'The Positive Traits of Autism'‘People with autism can often be incredibly hardworking when they put their minds to a task – whether this is a full-time job, or just a hobby.  A lot of the time they don’t like to rest until the job is completely done, and often have a great eye for detail (more on this in a later article) Even though there are a lot of issues regarding people with autism and employment, -in terms of not enough autistic people being in work – there are actually a lot of positive traits autistic workers can bring to any job.  The simple fact of being hardworking is probably the most basic of these.  ……………’

This post by Paddy-Joe Moran is highlighting some of the positives relating to autism. This is good for in the UK and possibly elsewhere, any form of disability is deemed to be associated with negativity, especially from the Government and the media. This then creates this impression on some of the general public, who then only feel negative to disability. The Government and media in the UK generally associate disability, especially those on benefits to be scroungers. While there will be some scroungers in the UK, this is not related to benefits, but is down to the mindset of the persons who scrounge, for they would do so whether they be on benefits or not. For them benefits are just a medium and not a necessity, which they are for many people who are disabled to lead a reasonable, constructive and beneficial life, not only for them, but for others around them and Society. For some the only way they can work is by using the benefits they receive to enable them to go to and do the work they wish to do.

2 thoughts on “The Positive Traits of Autism

  1. I’ve always tried to treat each and every person I meet as an individual. I don’t like generalizations, and being raised on a carnival where I encountered many people of all different types, many of them with assorted differences, such as the numerous smaller people that I grew up with, or those with spinal difficulties and such, taught me that in the end we are all pretty much the same, with a few unique things thrown into each of us just to keep everything interesting.The differences from one person to the next should never be seen as negative things, but truly, as that which makes us what we are.


  2. You have a great outlook and one which would benefit all in the world today. Yes we are all individuals with many similarities, but all have unique differences. It is these differences which some others see as being negative, whether it by by ignorance, mistrust or something else. Why can we not all accept difference as being positive and a means of learning to live with each other.


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