Social Work graduation, is it worth while?

‘I graduated from a social work master’s with distinction- now I’m a cleaner’. from Community Care.

An extract ‘

When I qualified from my master’s degree in social work with distinction last November, I would never have predicted that, after two years’ hard study, I would be cleaning in a residential children’s home.

I have always been a hands-on type of person, but I feel my skills and qualifications are not being put to good use. I feel frustrated as I know that I am more than capable of being a good social worker –doing a job I really love, and supporting children and families in crisis –particularly when I hear they’re in such short supply.   …………………’

So much is being said or not said in this article. Yes it indicates that newly qualified social workers are having difficulties finding social work positions, even though social workers were leaving positions and therefore there was a demand for others to replace them. But the authorities were requesting social workers with at least 1 years operational experience to apply.

What was not said was why social workers were leaving, but this could be due to retirement and so not being available on the job market. Was it stress related and therefore they may wish to progress down a different job track. It could also be down to austerity cuts, but then this would limit the amount of vacancies available and could mean the authorities wishing to recruit could assume there was a large pool of experienced qualified social workers looking for new positions, thus this would be making it difficult for newly qualified social workers to apply.

But sooner or later the pool of experienced social workers will diminish, so the newly qualifield have to be given the opportunity to gain this experience. Then will the newly qualified still be there, for if it is seen that there are no prospects for newly qualified, this could mean many will not even consider this area to gain qualifications.

So then what would be done, would this be another area where will try to recruit from abroad, not only would they not have the expeience and if they had it would not be UK experience.

This, all in the long term, is only going to cause extreme problems, as can be seen from other occupations that have already been through these similar situations.

Now is the time to consider all options, not in the future.

2 thoughts on “Social Work graduation, is it worth while?

  1. It is crazy, We are crying out for social workers and nurses, yet won’t give the ones we have got jobs! I do hope we manage to get this sorted out soon, before our health and social care system goes totally down the pan!


  2. I agree for if it is not sorted, it will be the majority of the general population that will suffer, not those with the money and the power to cushion the effects.


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