The Coalition’s cruellest cut?

Mary Laver’s Fight for Independence: Cameron’s Cruellest Cut?


Green Party Would Save the Independent Living Fund #SaveILF from DPAC

An extract ‘

At a lobby held on 6th January Independent Living Fund recipients called on MPs from all political parties to save the ILF. Caroline Lucas MP who sponsored the lobby told the meeting that her party the Greens are fully behind the call to keep and re open the ILF.

Tracey Lazard, CEO of Inclusion London said: “The Independent Living Fund (ILF) was set up to enable disabled people with the highest support needs to live in independently in the community.  …………….’

The Independent Living Fund will now close on 30 June 2015 for all of the UK, however it would appear that for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland they will arrange for their own equivalent funds to start from 1 July 2015, while in England the responsibility will rest with the respective Local Authorities, but it is unlikely that the English authorities will ‘earmark ‘ any funds for the existing ILF recipients.

Without any similar funding the current ILF recipients may not be able to lead their lives with the independence the ILF funding as allowed them and for some or all, may not be able to live independently at all.

How would you feel if you were advised that the life you are leading will change and the independence you have will, most likely, be no longer available. Is this equality?

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