Dehydrated care home residents a ‘systematic problem’

Dehydrated care home residents a ‘systematic problem’. from

An extract

‘Of 21,000 older people admitted to hospital from care homes, an unusually high number are dehydrated, according to the findings of an Oxford University study.

Published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine and taken from results compiled over a two-year period, the study found high sodium levels in 12 per cent of care home admissions, in contrast to 1.3 per cent from the rest of the population.

Authors of the study suggest that care home staff might be attempting to prevent incontinence by giving residents less fluid, but warn that dehydration means patients are far more likely to die in hospital, often from from heart attacks and pneumonia. ……’

2 thoughts on “Dehydrated care home residents a ‘systematic problem’

  1. This is a known problem in the care industry in the US. One reason some people are deprived of water is that the workers are not given enough time per room to be able to hold the water up to the mouth to allow drinking properly. Management needs to understand the importance of allotting enough time per worker per patient. Also workers need to be aware of the importance of hydration. With new training requirements this is now improving.


  2. I thank you for your comment and I believe this is a problem in care homes over most of the world. Training is required for both care staff and management so that all understand the importance of providing regular drinks of water, in addition to other forms of refreshment. Also that it is abuse to not provide water as it is essential for maintaining life.


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