Is this No Care in the UK

Extracts ‘

  • Care visits for thousands of frail pensioners rationed to just five minutes
  • Some staff are even being told not to waste time by making conversation
  • Over 12 months, 209,000 five-minute slots were allocated by six councils
  • Figures show 70% of councils still running ‘unacceptable’ 15-minute slots…………..’

‘……………….Freedom of information responses for 116 of the 150 local councils in England show that six actively commissioned five-minute care visits in 2012/13 – predominately from private firms.

They were Bury, Derbyshire, Dudley, Leicestershire, Milton Keynes and North Lincoln. In 2011/12, they were commissioned by Sandwell and Buckinghamshire.

Seventy-two out of the 103 councils that provided information used 15-minute slots in 2012/13 – a total of 1.8million visits. ………..’

Original article

So Paul Burstow LibDem MP and Norman Lamb  LibDem Care Minister are critical of this, Paul reportedly said ‘care workers were being turned into clock watchers’ and Norman reportedly said ‘totally inappropriate and unacceptable’, the LibDems are part of the coalition government which is responsibile for austerity cuts, thereby forcing councils to cut care to the bone or beyond.

Care is not being provided and the persons requiring care are being, at the least, left without provision for basic needs, and eventually even worse.

These cuts are also causing a knock on effect of creating even more resources being required in the near future, not only on Social Services, but on the resources of the NHS.

We all wish to have choice, be respected and treated with dignity so why is this being denied to a large section of the UK community.

This is state created abuse of persons requiring care, which is causing safeguarding situations where these persons will be at risk of harm and more then likely demise.

This is non-care in the UK.

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