Let’s start promoting wellbeing, not just treating illness

Original post from The Health Foundation

An extract

‘………The NHS Five Year Forward View promises unprecedented opportunities for the ways in which people with long-term health needs are enabled to live well, in the ways which matter to them. It calls for a ‘more engaged relationship with patients, carers and citizens so that we can promote wellbeing and prevent ill-health’.

This is a fundamental shift from treating illness to promoting wellbeing. To be successful, we must make use of collaborative approaches.

For most of us, contact with formal health services is only a tiny fraction of our lives. Indeed, the bulk of our care comes from informal sources such as our spouses, children and other unpaid carers.

But wellbeing is so much more than health. Wellbeing starts with us, our communities and the daily opportunities, challenges and habits which shape the bigger picture of our lives.

How then can the Forward View’s dual ambitions of more engaged relationships and promoting wellbeing be achieved? Three broad approaches may offer a good start…  …………’

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