Social care funding must be protected like the NHS in the next Budget

Original post from Local Government Association

An extract

‘…….Social care funding must be protected in the same way that it is for the NHS in the next Budget or another crisis such as the one seen this winter will be unavoidable, local government leaders are warning today.

The Local Government Association (LGA) is calling on the Chancellor to use next month’s Budget to protect public services in England with adequate funding to ensure councils can provide services locally. In particular, the Chancellor is being urged to protect social care funding to enable councils to support the NHS and prepare for reforms starting as soon as this April.

Without adequate funding, elderly and disabled people could be left without the social care services which help them to remain independent, and stay out of hospital and in their own homes for longer. Instead, thousands could see their elderly relatives, neighbours and friends risk being left without the care they need to live independently as well as simple every day support such as washing, dressing and meals on wheels.   ………………..’


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