10 Biggest Myths About Autism From Moms Who Know

Why do we have myths and labels?  Are we not are all different, so are persons with autism, surely by labeling are we not trying to say they are the same. But then why myths, is it because we have to know why or at least we believe we know why.

Original post from The Stir

An extract

‘…………By now you’ve probably seen the numbers. One in every 88 kids today is being diagnosed with autism. There are autistic kids on TV shows, autistic kids in the news, autistic kids in your kid’s classroom. It’s safe to say Americans know that autism exists.

But that doesn’t mean they know the first thing about the spectrum disorder. This is the next hurdle for parents of kids on the autism spectrum: breaking down the myths that follow their kids everywhere they go. Think you know better? Test your knowledge with these autism myths: …………………..’

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