Kindness Lasts Forever – by Sara Oliver

A true act of kindness.

Kindness Blog

 foreversixmom (Sara Oliver)We’ve always been a different family. Long before words like Autism entered our every day life my kids knew what it was like to have a ‘different’ mom than all the other kids.

I didn’t drive like most mommies. I took medicine…..I had seizures. My kids knew what to expect though, knew who to go to for help, and most of all knew that mommy would have a seizure, but she would eventually be alright.

I’ve dealt with (knowingly) Hydrocephalus and Epilepsy since birth. I’ve spent my life being sick and constantly being a slave to the limitations of my body. I’ve always believed in being an advocate though, and in empowering my children so that when they faced a scary situation…maybe it wasn’t so scary.

I married young…and divorced just as young. I wanted to be the parent to make it work, to allow the girls’ dad to have…

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