To place blame at the feet of the person who is ill and disabled when they have absolutely no option and no choice is disheartening and hell.

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Posted today on the facebook page ‘The People Vs The Government, DWP and Atos’

Lets be honest here, the only way that potential employers are going to employ disabled people willingly is if there is an extra incentive.
If you have the option of two people. One who is perfectly healthy, physically fit and capable; and the other who is hypothetically in a wheelchair, joints popping in and out of location, bruises easily, throws up a lot, problems focusing, energy lacking, memory issues, can’t do simple tasks without repetition and support from someone else; who are you really going to choose?

I have a lot of the disabilities that I’ve listed in the second paragraph. I wouldn’t choose me.
The only way that disabled people are going to face equality in the work place in the job market is if the Government/council offer them a financial incentive to…

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2 thoughts on “To place blame at the feet of the person who is ill and disabled when they have absolutely no option and no choice is disheartening and hell.

  1. I would love to work, but I can’t stand very long or sit very long. I am constantly switching from standing, sitting and laying down to relieve pain. I know nobody would hire me with my disabilities unless the Government made them an incentive and they accommodate my needs. I suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis, from fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Tendinitis and Bursitis to name the main issues. I would do find on a phone type job where I can sit and be able to put my legs up when needed or stand. I go through muscle spasms without notice and the pain is chronic. I miss working with people and a life of staying home and doing very little is not living.


  2. Thank you for your comment. There many like yourself who are willing to work, but to do so need help to over come major difficulties.

    But with the propaganda from Government, media hype and some of the general public believing this, they believe all who do not work are ‘skivers’, while this is only true of those who have the ability to work, have no difficulties to over come, but do not wish to work.

    I do hope that within the near future, the help which you wish for, will be forthcoming.


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