Old blood is just as good as fresh for blood transfusions: Canadian study

From a post on ‘Will the real reality please stand up!

Originally posted on Global News:

New Canadian research suggests that weeks-old blood is just as good as fresh blood for transfusions in emergency settings.

While the medical community traditionally thought that fresh blood – less than a week old – may be better for patients, Ottawa scientists say that blood stored for about 22 days is just as effective. They hope their findings put donated blood, a limited supply, to better use.

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute scientists say that in the past few decades, doctors have been asking for fresh blood thinking it’s better for their patients. This trend puts a strain on blood banks.

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“Blood transfusions are incredibly important – they can be lifesaving. They are used to replace blood loss during surgery and major trauma as well…we need to transfuse them to sustain blood flow to the tissues and oxygen delivery,”

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