The Chasm Between Islam and the West

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Originally posted on imranaliawan:

The current collective Muslim mind frame and the secular western values seem be on a fast track collision course. The political and social dilution of the religion of Islam has led to an array of problems not only in the predominantly Muslim countries, but also in Western countries where Muslims live as minorities.

This article addresses the current challenges faced by the Muslims living in the West; the underlying causes; and the possible fixes that must be applied for enduring harmony between the West and Islam.

I was compelled to write this article as Muslim living in the West after having read the book on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by Karen Armstrong (Muhammad, A Prophet of Our Time, published in 2006) – which helped me comprehend the core principles and teachings of Islam. I was brought up in Pakistan and all the good things taught to us about the Prophet and…

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An extract from the original post

‘……….“We have a long history of Islamophobia in Western culture that dates back to the time of the Crusades…We can no longer afford to indulge this type of bigotry, because it is a gift to extremists who can use such statements to “prove” that the Western world is indeed engaged on a new crusade against the Islamic world. Muhammad was not a man of violence. We must approach his life in a balance way, in order to appreciate his considerable achievements. To cultivate an inaccurate prejudice damages, tolerance, liberality, and compassion that are supposed to characterize Western culture”…………’

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