#Nigeria Decides 2015

In deed be happy and proud.

Madamsabi's Blog

I am happy and proud to be a Nigerian at a time like this. A time where the incumbent president congratulates his opponent who is defeating him at the polls even before the final results where released!


Before now, it is ‘unafrican’ for the incumbent president to congratulate his opponent even before the final results have been announced. I am proud of President Goodluck Jonathan who is ready to vacate his office come May 29th 2015 because the people say so!

Most African incumbent presidents will rig the elections to their favor and when that does not work, he will cancel the elections and throw the country into confusion and war in many cases. But GEJ has been man enough to call and congratulate his major opponent at the polls. This shows that he has accepted the wish of the Nigerian people that they want a change of leadership.


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