When Beachgoers Find Shark on the Beach, One of them Pulls a Knife and Does Something Life-Affirming

Original post from IJ Review


Beachgoers in the state of Georgia found a pregnant shark washed up on the shore, and they knew what they had to do – check to see if there were any shark pups inside.

The truly symbolic event took place last year when life was delivered from what appeared to be certain death.

ABC 13 reported that restaurant owners Beth and Lindsey Cordell were walking with their three children and a friend when they stumbled upon the shark.

What happened before their eyes was an astonishing ‘sea section.’

A video was taken of what they found after one of them took a knife and cut the shark open to look inside: three shark pups, still alive.

Kim Holland, lead researcher for the University of Hawaii’s HIMB Shark Research Group, told The Huffington Post that “their chance at survival depends on how close their mother was to full term.”

Acts of kindness and reverence for life are what it’s all about. Kudos to these nature-lovers.  ………’

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