Kind Strangers Saved Me When I Tried to Kill Myself – by DrizztDo

Kindness Blog

suicide wallpaperI was in a really tough spot a couple of years ago. I was 24, homeless, and extremely depressed. I had recently stopped shooting Heroin (for about 6 months) hoping my life would magically turn around, but the depression and anxiety were still there.

I had to beg for change to get my next meal, live in filthy clothes, and sleep in a tent by a river infested with spiders and mosquitos.

It was the 4th of July and my 24th birthday was only a couple of days away. I remember thinking about how I missed my family, and how impossible it seemed to turn my life around.

Some kind stranger gave me $30 dollars, and I got it in my head that buying a fifth of cheap vodka and $20 of black tar (Heroin) was an easy way out. I went to a park and drank like half the…

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