Grocery Bagging Teen is ‘Busted’ Doing Kind Act for Elderly Man and Gets Attention for It. Bigtime.

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Christian Trouesdale is a “shy” 18-year-old who works for an Aldi’s in Great Britain.

And when a 96-year-old elderly man needed someone to walk a mile in his shoes, Christian was right there to help him out.

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Not only did the pensioner appreciate the teen’s kindness for giving him a helping hand, he has sought him out as his grocery-bag buddy on more than one occasion.

The Bolton News reported how the teenage Good Samaritan was photographed with the elderly gentleman and has since become the focus of worldwide attention. Christian responded to his newfound fame for a random act of kindness:

The reaction has been completely crazy, my facebook is just overflowing with messages, I can’t even start to read them all.

“One woman posted on my wall from America saying that she wished there were more people in her country like me, it has been really amazing.

“I went back into Aldi this afternoon and a lady came up and hugged me and said she loved what I had done.”

Bravo, young man. You’ve undoubtedly inspired millions of people around the globe to perform their own seemingly small acts of kindness. And that adds up to something pretty big.

3 thoughts on “Grocery Bagging Teen is ‘Busted’ Doing Kind Act for Elderly Man and Gets Attention for It. Bigtime.

  1. Great post! I love story’s like this! I do stories like this every Friday! Not sure if your aware or not but half the post (maybe a link?) is in code so we can’t see what your trying to share. Thanks for sharing. God bless!


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