People, like water, must be filtered.

This is so correct. You appear to be a person who follows a true path, what a shame all are not able or unwilling to to do so.


the mat at the doorShould we let anyone into our house? Of course we shouldn’t. There is a reason why the front door locks. It is common fact that not everyone has our best interest in mind. People will try to use us if we allow them. It’s as though they have their goals and their agendas and nothing outside of them reaching it matters. Some others just bring drama with them. They are always complaining about something, They are never satisfied or happy, and they are more than willing to tell you about it. And lastly, there is a group of people who love to stir the pot. They instigate and cause problems. They will give the worst advice and look down at us for not taking it. People are like water. They must be filtered.

There are different types of people that we should use extreme caution with.

  • The first group I call “head…

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