Tony Blair: Towards A Citizen’s Arrest of a Renowned War Criminal?

Counter Information

Global Research, August 13, 2015
Lankaweb 12 August 2015

tony-blair-03With a bounty on his head for complicity that led to a million or more deaths an invasion based on lies and a dossier full of allegations of conflict of interest, Tony Blair declared guilty as a war criminal by the People’s Court has arrived in Sri Lanka for 2 weeks. More than suspicious having browsed through the portfolio of side-dealings associated with Blair ever since he left office in 2007. Not motivated by money, he says read on to understand how he represents the imperial agenda that is now slowly descending on Asia having destroyed the Middle East and neutralized the American public into a nation suffering the ills of Western liberalism.

If Iraq was an invasion based on lies it means that everything that followed were also lies. What about the highly classified program of…

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