I Don’t Love Anyone

Trust can take time to build and then be so easily broken and if trust is continualy broken would you ever trust again. So where you can believe in yourself, this will give you strength to come through and hopefully you can adjust to the loneliness.

We all need a belief and if this can not come from those who we are close to , then hopefully it can come from oneself.

Fish Of Gold

The hardest thing about losing the person you loved and trusted most in the world is keeping the ability to love and trust. I’m fighting that battle now.

I’ve never been good at trusting. For a while, I trusted the pedophile when he told me there was nothing wrong with what he was doing, even though every bit of me felt otherwise. I broke that trust and told my family. I trusted my family to keep me safe from the pedophile they invited into our home. They chose not to believe me and put their trust in the pedophile instead. I was seven years old when I lost my family forever. I never trusted them, or anyone else, that way ever again.

Later on, I trusted a monster with antisocial personality disorder who, over the course of eight years of emotional, then physical abuse, nearly destroyed me. I trusted the…

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