Imagine you are Thomas……….Illegal Cruelty for Animals, ‘treatment’ for our most vulnerable



Imagine how Thomas must have felt during those long last two years.

Thomas, is both Downs and autistic, making his world confusing, frightening, and frustrating.

He is super sensitive to cruelty, and fear.

He is alone with no one to talk to, and, no one he can trust.

He has no control over any activity.

At any moment, he can be taken, put in the shower, in his room, in a van…..

Months of prolonged terrifying abuse, and, huge doses of mixed antipsychotic, and antidepressant drugs.

Mood enhancers/ chemical coshes.

The side effects, and sensations of which, we can  only imagine.

And, which Thomas could not express, except through anguish, resulting in more of the same.

This is how Kathy Hopper, describes how her 16 year old autistic daughter Beth, must have felt in her treatment unit, on the IamThomas Facebook.

Imagine………….a poor defenceless animal, lost and afraid, hunting searching…

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