The Disappeared Disabled – the shocking facts.


The Francis report, identified systemic, organisational, and, individual failings contributed to “the normalisation of cruelty” in the care in Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.

The 2012/13 Annual Report by Healthwatch England, showed 94% of the public agreed that the NHS, and social services, could be improved.

1 in 3 of public surveyed, said they knew someone, who they believed, had experienced a serious mistake, abuse, or a preventable illness, or death in a health, or social care service.

All local authorities have now combined with the NHS to form Health and Social Care Trusts.

Last year a report revealed 3 learning disabled a day, died needlessly in NHS care.

SLOVEN NHS, has just revealed,  it only investigated 1% of the deaths of the learning disabled in their care.

In justification of investigating only 1%, they stated;

“National data on mortality rates confirms that the Trust is not an outlier. We believe that…

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