She’s Mine, My Daughter with Autism

I sincerely love this post and wish you well this Mother’s Day. I have some understanding of your life experiences as, in some respects, this mirrors my own in helping my wife look after our 48 year old daughter for some 30 years of her life. It was a very steep learning curve for myself, but I love her as if I was her biological father, she is a real pleasure to look after and I am really lucky to have this opportunity in life.

One thought on “She’s Mine, My Daughter with Autism

  1. See my blog by googling finolamoss .

    If you live in UK, at 18, your daughter, will no longer be yours, she becomes a child of the state.

    And will be removed from you, to supported living for life, they charge the public including you, on average £4,000 per week, and medication.

    This is for life, and neither you, nor she, will have any choice about anything that happens.

    This is the horrific reality for the autistic and their loving parents now in the UK.

    And, it is purely to make money..


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