Nick Gibb Was On BBC Radio 4 Today Spouting Nonsense About Academies

Nick Gibb states ‘ ‘we can’t have two systems of education’ in one country.’ Why not as no one systems works for all, Labour tried this in the 60’s with the rush for Comprehensive education against Grammar and Secondary schools. While comprehensive was better than secondary for some it was not for others. This could be said for Academies for there should be choice. The Tories are against nationalised industries as they feel privatisation provides choice and competition, so why not choice within education for families.


Nick Gibb Schools Minister.Friday, 25 March 2016

The new line he repeated several times is that ‘we can’t have two systems of education’ in one country.

1. Cynics might say that the reason why ‘we’ can’t is that it’s frequently uncomfortable for him and the Tories that local authority schools are doing fine, or even doing better than academies.

English education has long been one of several systems or even many systems which separate and segregate children and parents and teachers: obviously there’s the private and public division, with private schools being left out of this whole debate anyway. Then there is the religious, non-religious divide – and religious schools are also divided between ‘voluntary controlled’ and ‘voluntary aided’. There are old Foundation schools where the land and school is held by the Foundation Trust and not by the local authority. Then again in counties like Kent there are ‘grammar schools’ i.e. selective…

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