Saudi Arabia’s new idea: People who come out as gay online should be beheaded | DeadState

How can the West do business with Saudi Arabia, which the Saudis will feel the West condones their extreme forms of punishments for acts which should not even be seen as crimes. Is their oil that so much important?



Source: Saudi Arabia’s new idea: People who come out as gay online should be beheaded | DeadState

4 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia’s new idea: People who come out as gay online should be beheaded | DeadState

  1. Suppose you were running a shop and reliant on selling to maintain your profit.
    Suppose you learnt most of your customers were rich bigots.
    I leave you to finish the story.
    There are two forces that come above all others personel gain and sex.
    Saudi Arabia run their own country their way, they are unlike ISIS in a very important way ; they don’t seek to run ours.
    There is already unease from within religion will have to bend even in Saudi.


    • You make a good point, would I sell to rich bigots, I am not too sure, but would I buy from them, then that is No.

      As to whether Saudi Arabia is like ISIS, well they both have extreme forms of punishment and may be both are based on Wahhabism. Do the Saudis wish the West to be like them or not, can we ever be sure.

      Yes there are some tensions growing in Saudi, but with the Saudi Royal Family in power will these tension ever be allowed to surface, let alone succeed.


      • My example was over-simplified.
        Politicians can only stay in power when they give people what they want.
        They have two major methods: Trade with dodgy countries or get the media to say prosperity is just around the corner.
        The Saudis are no fools and they have money ; money speaks in the world today and they know they must deal with the powerful and rich west. They will play politics and infiltrate where they can.
        People desire money and moral freedom even in Saudi and other Muslim conclaves. Religion is a cloak under which alsorts of hidden selfish forces simmer.
        Its a wicked world where survival means dirty hands.


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