Long Live Adulting….

This is how it should be, except timing of care visits, even with an agency covering visits, as Direct Payments can be used, not only to employ your own PAs, but to instruct an agency of your choice, provided the hourly rate is agreed by Social Services, to provide your care.

When having your Assessment of Needs the support plan should include all these areas.

However, I do agree that employing your own PAs gives you some more freedom of choice, but then you are required to follow all the employment regulations as you are then an Individual Employer.

May you always have the care you need.

Poppy's Place

I had such a lovely time last week. I got to be a grown-up, which doesn’t happen very often, and it was so wonderful!

Confused? Let me explain.

As a severely disabled person there are many things I cannot do for myself. I can’t walk, I can’t get dressed by myself, I can’t wash myself, I can’t make a meal, I can’t even make myself a cup of tea if I want one. I have to rely on someone else to do everything for me.

Now, before my medical condition deteriorated slowly and inexorably in 2014, I was perfectly capable of doing all that needed to be done either on my own or, if necessary, with the assistance of my, now adult, children. I went out to work full-time during the week, looked after my own family, visited friends in the evening, was a lady who lunched at the weekend…

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