A Very Unprofessional Benefits Assessor

Yes,appeal and complain, as this person and the test was not fit for purpose, but do not use sarcasm, at least you need to use a professional approach even if he did not.

Same Difference

Spotted at Benefit Resolutions on Facebook:

So…went for my fit for work assessment yesterday and came home in some sort of calm after the storm daze. Later on my son rings me to ask how it went and we both realised the assessor was very unprofessional.

1. He was a physiotherapist…
knows nothing about my conditions: copd, bronchiectasis or hypogammagloblinaemia…which begs the question…why did they tell me the wrong person was there twice and send me home when it’s obvious they could have sent the bloody CLEANER in…? (sarcasm).

2. He had things on the table to take blood pressure, examine my ears, my chest and pulse, and all he did was ask me to do the blow test once. He also asked my weight but didn’t weigh me.

3. He asked how long I can walk until out of breath, then no more related questions at all.

4. He…

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