The ever-changing views of Donald Trump

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a-trump-sampler-his-changing-views-1462584317444-articleLarge Source: The New York Times

Donald Trump sometimes says things that I agree with.  He is opposed to the odious Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement and other corporate free trade deals.  He thinks the invasions of Iraq and Libya were big mistakes.  He doesn’t see any reason for the United States to pick fights with Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

But being familiar with his record, I am convinced that the only thing I can count on Trump to do or say is whatever he thinks is in his interest at the time.

His ever-changing views represent a way of thinking that some call postmodernism, and others by a less polite name.  It is not lying, because a liar knows there is a difference between truth and falsehood.   It is saying what is expedient at the time without giving thought to what’s true and what’s false.

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