Polish girl bullied to death by British racists

For racism and bullying there should be Zero Tolerence irrespective from where it arises, for not to act to curtail racism or bullying means that you are condoning it.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

Racist grafitti in Britain

This photo shows an African Caribbean girl in Britain, next to grafitti by racists.

Racists don’t just hate Africans, or Asians. Often, they consider, eg, people from Ireland, or from Poland, as also not really belonging to the so-called white race. They hate these people as well.

Dagmara Przybysz, photo Rex FeaturesFrom daily The Independent in Britain today:

Polish girl who complained of classroom racism found dead at school in Cornwall

Dagmara Przybysz had previously told the Ask.fm website that she was the victim of racist bullying

Caroline Mortimer

A Polish teenager who had previously complained of racist bullying has been found dead at her school in Cornwall.

Dagmara Przybysz,16, had complained about being bullied at school on the Ask.fm website two years before she died.

Police and paramedics were called to Pool Academy in Pool, Redruth, Cornwall on Tuesday afternoon at around 2:15pm, but she was pronounced dead…

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2 thoughts on “Polish girl bullied to death by British racists

  1. I quite agree, as more actions need to be taken to combat racism and bullying to protect the victims. Also all authorities need to be more procative to reduce actions of racism and bullying.

    From the article it does not state whether she had complained to her school, however they too should be proactive in their actions and if racism and bullying do occur to take actions against the perpreters and comfort and protect the victims.


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