George Osborne’s Post-Brexit Economy is a Fantasy Land

It is all fantasy and I do not believe in fantasy, I will still Vote Leave, Brexit all the way.

Stop Making Sense

Katie Allen writes for The Guardian:

With one month to go to the referendum, George Osborne is pulling out all the stops. The chancellor has a clear message: a vote to leave the EU is a vote for recession, a house price slump, soaring food prices and hundreds of thousands of lost jobs.

The chancellor has been shouting out numbers and lamenting the fate of the “working people of Britain who will pay the price if we leave the EU”. He even talked about “evidence” Britain will spark its own downturn.

Let’s be clear, all Osborne has are “scenarios”. At best, semi-educated guesses, pulled out of models that make a host of assumptions over what the post-Brexit future holds.

Even the Treasury itself wants to emphasise that all this talk of shrinking GDP and rising prices is by no means a forecast. Rather, the latest doomsday scenario for post-Brexit Britain…

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