Talk about U-TURN: Now EU commissioner says Brexit would REVITALISE Europe

So there we have it from the EU, the only way they will change is if we Vote Leave, Brexit all the way as a vote to Remain is no change for the better.


Mr Oettinger has said that the EU would gather a new perspective in the event if a Leave vot.  Gideon doesn’t seem to think so!

When Mr Oettinger was asked why the Commission had been so quiet about the UK’s EU referendum, he said that “we always hoped the Queen or the Pope would say something, that is why we held back.”  The Queen?  Are we in the Middle Ages? The Pope? A miracle is needed?

DER Comment: The EU certainly needs something to “revitalise” it.  A miracle could be needed.

GW:  Goodness Sake make up your mind!  This whole thing is becoming the latest joke at all sorts of community meetings when something ”untoward” appears on the agenda.  Eyebrows go up, faces smile grimly and everyone nods silently!

The 57 Tory MPs who have promised to reject the post-Brexit budget

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