There is a subtle subversive movement trying to change the British character

There as always and to some extent there always will be a subversive undertone in any country and the UK is not exempt, however we are generally a tolerant nation and it is on this aspect that we all need to focus.

Politics can always bring out the worst in people and this can be seen by some aspects of the EU Referendum campaign on all sides.

The red cross of St George is the Engish flag and this should be the paramount uderstanding by everyone, just because it as been taken by some far, far right organisations should not demean its importance to the people of England.

It is not the flag that demonstrates racist overtones but some of the minority fractions who are using it for their own ends, as a country we all need to reclaim the flag for its original intension to symbolise the unity of being English, no matter from whatever background or culture you have originated from.


Incidents like this and the attempt to link UK Christians with the Jo Cox murder are very suspicious. Something very fishy is afoot folks but don’t take the bait. Stay as you are because you are the most wonderful tolerant, inclusive and enigmatic folk in the world. Tribe of Dan remnant, you are totally unique. Celebrate that bond you have.  No others can reach your height but they could try to learn from you if they could be bothered.

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