Et tu Gove?

‘For me, what Britain needs is an honest politician who is willing to put the country’s needs first and ignore their personal ambition.’

Not easy to find, but surely there must be one some where.

Blogging a Student's Thoughts

A hotly contested position: the next leader of the Conservative party and with that, the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, for however long that name lasts. It has been, as Corbyn said, a ‘torrid few days’ in British politics, with more division than I personally have ever witnessed in my lifetime in both the Labour and Conservative parties.

Any politician who trusts Michael Gove needs their head examined.

Whilst watching Sky Press Review last night, I found myself pondering the question ‘do you feel sorry for Boris Johnson?’ which was prompted on the show. I cannot help feel that he does not deserve any sympathy. Although Gove’s actions were utterly despicable, I think Johnson had it coming. He had acted purely for himself, and although I may be criticised for being biased as I had always disagreed with his policies, for me his campaign was a personal one, with the…

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