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‘By Florian Eder | feder@politico.eu | @florianeder

. EU-NATO PACT NATO officials and -Generäle tend to be skeptical when of cooperation with the EU are to be addressed, because this has little experience in military planning; and ministers and politicians with good ideas they have in NATO itself. But on Friday to sign the EU and NATO a joint commitment to work together about the border guards at sea, in the defense against cyber attacks, propaganda and other means of asymmetric warfare. Both sides are very satisfied.

Good for both. Anything that could increase awareness and defense spending in Europe, would be NATO. it is a success for the EU, required to provide a certificate of their capacity to act on an issue of war and peace two weeks after the Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union recommendation.

GOOD MORNING, EUROPE. NATO summit are only every two years, and between the Wales in 2014 to this weekend, the world has turned a couple of times. There is a “the summit” and none of the major decisions that will determine in particular the implementation of the felt to be ahead of decisions, 2014.

My Morning Briefing to European policy here today with a closer look at the planned cooperation between the EU and NATO, to show the way would provide an opportunity for the UK that do not adopt the country into the disintegration of its political elite from the world stage. Below more recent trauma to the British. Register here . The desktop version can be found here .

Kissinger QUESTION. The old puzzles (for people from outside), what number you have to choose in the EU to speak to or the person in charge, has marked the history of the common security policy statement of the two alliances behind the scenes. In the complex geometry of power in the EU three leading politicians involved in foreign policy: The president of the Council and Commission, Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker, and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini, the addition is not only Commission Vice-President, but also in Council meetings of foreign ministers chaired on the other side of the road.

Vanities: The Foreign Service, Mogherinis Authority has contributed much to the text of the joint plans and he will have to implement it. Mogherini would therefore very happy to co-signed the joint statement also reports diplomats. “It would have reasons suggest that,” says an EEAS official close to the boss. But now Mr Jens Stoltenberg sign for NATO and Tusk and Juncker for the EU – which reduces the magic numbers on at least two. My story with Jacopo BARIGAZZI: http://politi.co/29ydWQs

To implement: the first cooperation, an EU border agency Frontex and the NATO naval mission in the Aegean Sea, has been running since March, but is still waiting for the “full implementation”, according to an internal Commission document in preparation for Warsaw ( “What we want”). Juncker wants to use it in an the top for a better exchange of information between the two partners on the Turkish coast and to help NATO for the EU mission in the Mediterranean Sophia, before Libya, advertise. The should consist in accordance with EU requirements that NATO shares the results of their education with her.

Sensibilities. “Inclusion” was crucial to emphasize both sides, because sensitivity was long in the countries that are represented in one of the two organizations, as may soon the British, but today as Sweden and Finland, both of EU but not NATO -members and geographically close to Russia, the observed maximum attention every approach of the neighbors to the North Atlantic alliance. “Given the conflict in Syria, in the face of terrorism and migration everyone has realized that we need it,” told the Swedish ambassador to NATO, Håkan Malmqvist. “We need to cooperate more closely in connection of the EU and NATO, which is only a beginning.”

NATO-RUSSIA COUNCIL. The next NATO-Russia relations will next week in Brussels, said the Secretary General. It should go to Afghanistan, but mainly to the Ukraine and to the status of implementation of the Minsk agreement, “with a particular focus on transparency and risk reduction” as Stoltenbergannounced . This refers to Stoltenberg’s plan to announce troop movements, maneuvers and other potentially disturbing.

Poroshenko NEEDED. “In a crisis of confidence are those who have faith, part of the solution and not the problem. Nowhere in Europe is there such a great faith in the EU as in Ukraine. Not because we of the EU disadvantages deliberately had us do not, but we are to be aware of what the alternatives would be, “writes Petro Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine,   in a commentary for POLITICO. “After 59 years of European Prokjekts – the most successful in the history of mankind – known amongst Europeans its benefits (peace, stability, freedom of movement) is less than its cost (solidarity and patience). No price is too high for peace and freedom. This simple truth faded in the minds of people when they forget the feel of war and authoritarianism. ” Http://politi.co/29quQOS .

THE Chilcot REPORT. The USA was Tony Blair blindly followed, he had the UK so unprepared out in international law questionable Iraq war. Evidence were wrong, his own cabinet was betrayed, sent troops unprepared and ill-equipped in a devastating war. That message spread investigating commission headed by John Chilcot made in 2.5 million words. It is a devastating testimony to the then government, but also for the columns of British rule, of which one would have thought and hoped they wore on the Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union-vote out.

Military, intelligence, government bureaucracy. All denied Blair was after two hours press conference in tears, Premier Mier Minister David Cameronappeared utterly shocked Tom McTague reported policy responses.. Http://politi.co/29if3yc . The report itself analyzed Barbara Surk: http://politi.co/29iUiCz.

DOMBROVSKIS. With some bravura Commission Vice Valdis Dombrovskis has taken the two Q & A sessions in Strasbourg before the Economic Committee, in which he was somewhat nervous. He once led as prime minister a country and trembled now before a hearing before MEPs. Probably tells the something about the position of power, which has earned the European Parliament in Brussels internal relations. The charter of the committee Chairman Roberto Gualtieri You will find here fresh from the printer: http://bit.ly/29yeLZp

Next please. The head of the German Unions delegation, Herbert Reul will now listen Pierre Moscovici. “I assume that that will take place,” he said. French Euro-Commissioner was, as reported yesterday, slammed some of Dombrovskis’ previous skills after this will take over the financial portfolio in addition and after the resignation of Jonathan Hill.

Refilled the link to the task redistribution by Juncker, the morning broke yesterday and resulted in a small delay in shipping: http://bit.ly/29yfaLo

. EPP insists on PRESIDENT JOB Unsurprisingly, there is the Group of the European People’s Party that the Agreement applies: The legislature is divided into two parts, and in the second half put the Christian Democrats the European Parliament President. From a debate in the Group Executive Board yesterday reported participants, the unanimous sentiment of speakers was: The EPP will continue to occupy the presidency. The tenor of most the unanimous accordingly but also: We must find the Social Democrats a “solution in cooperation”, which ultimately must always dial the next president. From the agreed date of the handover but, the first plenary session in 2017, there was talk no longer explicitly.

TO PARIS. France changes its high tax policies, for a privileged few in any case and for the greater glory of the Republic. Prime Minister Manuel Vallsannounced before the Paris bankers, the tax regime for expatriates should continue for the first eight years of work in France are opposed to five, business settlements he wants to make it easier. Why? Paris to be “Europe’s leading financial center”, to which you have drawn them once from UK banks and bankers, which in turn will reduce the corporate tax on virtually dumping level.

Revenge for the “red carpet”. The said Prime Minister David Cameron 2012 role Britain Frenchmen who wanted to escape the rich control of the then new president. The red carpet could be treading on both sides, Finance Minister Michel Sapin said the day after the referendum. From Federal Finance still no sign, if he wants to enter the contest of flattery.

Oecher Puttes. Only in very superficial glance, one might get the impression that the Brussels institutions are in a post-Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union ‘s palsy. The business continues naturally. The Commission has now decided to write a geographical designation, so the Oecher Puttes, Aachener black pudding, one is safe with bacon as opposed to that of Cologne, in future against counterfeiting and forgery under the same name, although the recipe in the Official Journal already on the occasion detail of the application for registration and velvet Servingread was.

From the Commission’s kitchen: “For this specialty meat (entschwarteter bacon, pork rinds and masks as lean meat) is pre-cooked in hot water. The blood is heated with the other ingredients to about 45 degrees, prior to admixture. Then the rinds with blood and later the pig masks gekuttert with lean meat and finely gekuttert after addition of braised onions, with nitrite pickling salt, spices and some boiler broth … .The fresh bacon is cooked and cut into uniform cubes and under the blood, Schwarten- and meat mixture by hand untergemengt. ”

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