Action Required

Yes, imagine you are a Black person and if you do how would you feel.

Also, remember that they did not ask to come to America or come by their own accord, they were forcibly removed from their counrty of origin (Africa). They were then placed in the holds of boats and shackled in unhygenic conditions and transported to the West Indies and America, which in those days took many weeks, many did not survive. While those that did survive had to watch their compatriates in close proximity die before them. When they did get to their destinations they were made to work all day long no matter what the weather was and if they did not they were punished by flogging. There was no end in sight for them to this life, only by death. Honestly, how would you feel?

They have fought for their freedom, but are still abused racially. But for the majority, their only wish is to get on with their lives, surely this should be their right to have and not still be fearful of being killed.

If this was you, how would you feel. Do not listen to the racists, but go to them and show your love, understanding and listen to them and prove to them not all people are racists.

While all lives matter, to some they have to make the point to others that the lives of them do matter, while for the majority of us we do not have to, remember we are all the children of God.

The people who originally made them slaves would have been Christians, I wonder what God thought of them, with their unchristian actions.

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