We must create a revolution

A strong message and one that needs to happen, but while engaging change it has to be change which will improve quality of life, respect, choice, independence and dignity for all persons with a learning disability.

I know that CHANGE will not be backward in promoting this and doing all they can to ensure it is achieved. However, there are some strong and dark forces out there who could resist this for a number of reasons. Some being that people with learning disabilities have not got the ability to do this, the cost and resources implications and I believe the main area is power and control of the governing authorities, being Crentral Government, Local Government and the Health Authorities who sometimes, but not always do the talk, but rarely the actions, because they do not wish to release their control and lessen their power.

As I have stated above I believe in CHANGE but it is an upwards task or tasks and progress may be slow and not consistent, but with support from others who are interested in this we need to be with CHANGE to make changes.

Philipa at Changepeople

When I was 16 years old my school set up for me to do voluntary work in Normansfield Hospital for people with learning disabilities. I will never forget walking into the children’s ward completely full of small cots in rows with children of all ages. All the children seemed to be wailing and some were being fed cold mashed potatoes whilst being tied to their chairs or cots.

I remember feeling sick in the pit of my stomach. I felt that I had unwittingly walked into a sort of living hell. An underworld of torture hidden from view. I couldn’t face going back and I never knew what happened to those children although I do know that the hospital was closed down.

I won’t tell you how many years ago that was…! Fast forward to a few years ago when CHANGE started working with the children’s rights charity Lumos across…

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