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Labour-Leadership-Contest-Comes-To-ScotlandMr Corbyn earns five times the UK average salary

Jeremy Corbyn says he doesn’t consider himself ‘wealthy’, despite earning £137,000 a year.

He earns £74,000 a year as an MP, and is entitled to an uplift of £63,098 as leader of the opposition.

The combined total is five times the average UK salary, which was £27,500 last year.

(Editor’s comment:

Despite the Labour Party membership being around 75% middle class, nearly every Corbyn supporter I come across is working class and just getting by.

Is this because, like Jeremy Corbyn, they measure their income against that of a  Sir Richard Branson or a Sir Philip Green rather than that of someone on the National Living Wage?

Someone on the current National Living Wage rate of £7.20 per hour, working 40 hours per week for 52 weeks would earn a gross salary of £14,976.

As an aside, John McDonnell received…

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