On The Eve Of The Paralympics, Our Editor Calls For #RightsAndGames

Yes, I agree that those that wish to and have the ability to be Paralympians and those that wish to participate in sport on other basis should be allowed to do so.

But with the Government and the national media they promote the elite of sport in such a way that some of the general public and certainly those who have adverse opinions relating to disability, will use the successes of the Paralympics in a way to say all persons with disabilities could do more for themselves, thereby enhancing the view of being scroungers.

Everyone should be promoting that with some disabilities, disabled people will not have the ability to achieve anywhere near any of these successes.

The benefits that they receive are a necessity to live a life.

Even now some of these paralympians could be losing some of their benefits, especially higher rate mobility allowance, which will mean they will lose the right to have a mobility vehicle. This could well mean that if this occurs they will lose their mobility access, which will severely restrict their ability to continue progressing in the sport of their choice and may even mean they will no longer be able to do the sport entirely.

So, yes everyone should be campaigning for the rights of all disabled people, Stronger United, support #RightsandGames.

Same Difference

A personal opinion on the Paralympics:

There are some very respected disability campaigners who this week are protesting against the Paralympics because they would rather have rights for disabled people, and disability benefits, than the Games.

I completely understand the point these campaigners are making. However, I strongly believe that all disabled people should be fully supported to do anything they find interesting. Personally, I’m no Paralympian, but if, for you, that’s Paralympic sport, I’ll gladly sit on the edge of my sofa cheering you on.

All I will ask in return is that when you come home, you use your high profile to fight for improvements in the lives of the whole disability community.

On the eve of the Paralympics, I call for #RightsandGames.

I wish all the Paralympians lots of fun, friendship, safety and success. May the fastest wheelchair (or blade) win!

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