40,000 disabled claimants threatened with termination due to DWP’s tech problems : Evolve Politics.

How would Stephen Crabb, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions feel if his salaries for being a MP and a Minister were terminated and he had to go through a process which took him many months, except he would probably be able to afford to exist. However, for the disabled people being told their DLA is changing over to PIP and that they need to lodge their claim within 28 days and if not their benefit would be terminated. This would mean they would not be receiving their essential benefit to exist day to day until their belated PIP application was processed. They would probably not be able to exist, so is this a way to reduce the number of people on benefits. Let them die so the claim is no longer required, this would disgraceful and so is the problems with the transfers from DLA to PIP. The Government is promoting a case of no action or processing is a legitimate method of reducing funding on benefits.

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