Revealed: How the world as we know it will change thanks to driverless cars

This is all well and good, but what about persons with disabilities who can only access vehicles with assistance.

Also my own vehicle is not only a means of transporting myself and my wife , who has some disabilities, but also items that may be needed on route and would normally be retained in the boot when destinations are accessed, so parking of the vehicle will be a necessity. Also when I am accessing destinations there may be a number of destinations included in one journey. Then at each destination items will be obtained and will be needed to be retained until the final destination, so parking at each destination will be required. When I obtain a new vehicle this is dependent on the traveling needs of my wife and I take this into account when I purchase a vehicle, if I just took any vehicle passing the right feature may not be present. So a vehile to exact specification will always be required and retained by ourselves so again parking is essential.

Many people use vehicle of their own choosing to meet their own requirements whether they have disabilities or not, so again parking will be essential.

Driverless vehilces will therefore only be convenient for persons who generally use taxis or public transport, or individual choice will not be available. People are people and not livestock, who are not given choice but have to use transport decided by others.

So if Euro Car Parts have their way no one will be allowed individual choice, is that progress?

Same Difference

A press release:

  • Futuristic video shows how driverless cars will impact city landscapes across the globe

  • Autonomous vehicles likely to be emission-free, leading to cleaner air in cities

The age of driverless cars could see people truly reclaim the streets and deliver safer, cleaner, less congested cities for everyone, new research suggests.

The Institute of Mechanical Engineers predicts that the UK could have a completely automated fleet by 2050 [1]. As we prepare for a driverless future, the UK’s leading distributor of motoring parts, Euro Car Parts, has revealed how the introduction of autonomous vehicles will impact city landscapes and the environment across the world.

Cities around the world are already gearing up for a self-driving future. Driverless taxis will be trialled in Singapore in late 2016. The next year will see Volvo launch its DriveMe programme in Gothenburg, Sweden. Meanwhile, in Greenwich, the GATEway project will put self-driving shuttle…

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